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Welcome to Mall Level 2! Games and Puzzles! Enjoy!

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Must be 18 years of age or older to solve these puzzles. Disclaimer: Some puzzles might be incomplete. Some puzzles might take more than eighteen years to solve if solvable. 1

Have fun solving these Popcorn Anime Puzzles!

Here is puzzle based on the hilarious story of Abby!

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesAbby Puzzle

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesPuzzle01

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesPuzzle02Page01

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesPuzzle02Page02

Here's a new challenging puzzle!

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesPuzzle03Page01

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesPuzzle03Page02

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesPuzzle04

Popcorn Anime PuzzlesPuzzle05

Now have fun solving these Popcorn Anime mazes!

Help Ophelia and Klaus bring the paint can into the house!

A Big House Maze GameMazeGame02

Help Kitty "Counting Tiger" exit this Popcorn Anime Merry Maze Game to drop off gifts underneath the tree!

Popcorn Anime Merry Maze GameMazeGame01


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Note. 1 :  Disclaimer:  For entertainment purposes only. Sarcasm included.

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